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AVA is one of the best architecture firms in Pune today. With a portfolio of projects ranging from urban planning, master plans, public buildings, institutes, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses, low cost housing and senior citizen housing. Located in Pune within in the business district of JM road and FC road, the practice has gained a reputation of being thinking architects who go beyond the brief and commercials in bringing the most appropriate solutions to the built environment. AVA Architects create products ranging from townships; educational campuses and healthcare facilities; housing estates and complexes; hotels and resorts; etc. Every aspect of the project enhances its experience and we embrace this at AVA. For our studio, good design is acknowledged by the users of the design product.


AVA architects is a studio, taking up projects involving study, analysis and exploration of visual, spatial, formal, social and technological ideas and concepts related to architecture and urbanism. We search and research for human centric solutions to our clients’ problems and aspirations. We analyze the parameters and factors that define physical products, which are affordable, practical, visually beautiful. We embrace our Brand Vision in all our work creating places that enhance the human experience. Architecture not only reflects our time and culture, but also shapes it. As architects and designers, we create settings to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, work and play. It is our essential humanity that moves us to do good, create places that facilitate activity and bring joy to the human spirit.
Vision Mission


We Value Design:

Weaving together beauty and function, great design captures imaginations, transforms organizations and brings return on capital investments. Design reinvigorates, reinvents and conserves resources. We place design at the heart of all our thinking and work.

We value Honesty:

We are open and frank with all our clients and give them a true and clear idea of the work process and product.

We value ethics:

Our practice has an unshakable integrity of doing right things in the right way.

We value our environment:

To sustain quality of life for today and for the future, AVA is committed to conserving and protecting our environment. We recognize that sustainable knowledge and practices give us value in the marketplace, open up new opportunities for revenue growth and enhance AVA as the firm of choice. We understand that respect for the environment is respect for people and community.

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